This restores the wooden floor by removing the previous finish and a minute amount of the underlying wood. We use a combination of sanding machines for this, with a large sanded to provide a smooth and even surface over the general floor, and a specialized edger for corners and staircases.

Preparation for sanding varies for each floor, but removal of all nails and staples is essential, lest the sanding equipment be damaged and the floor ruined. Floors that have previously been sanded usually do not have these issues.

As an added bonus any unevenness between the boards of a wooden floor, either due to aging of the wood or initial imperfections during installation, are largely removed by floor sanding.


Staining a new or recently re-sanded floor is essential for healthy floor. Maintenance. Stains change the colour of the flooring, bringing out the best in high quality wood, but also making even budget flooring appear more pleasing. The different colours can completely change the appearance of a room; ask our staff about flooring stains options and be advised for what will work best with your future decoration ideas.

Floor staining requires some skill for proper application. It is different to painting or other popular DIY projects, and is made even more difficult with the large surface area covered on flooring and the need for extremely even application. We do not recommend staining be done by non- professionals, even those with DIY experience.

For best results floors should be stained as soon as the sanding process is finished.


We also offer wooden floor installations. Wooden floors have remained popular for generations due to their low maintenance, durability and pleasing appearance that can be easily modified through staining.

Due to the many options available with wooden flooring the installation methods vary considerably. But all our installation methods include floor preparation, door trimming, skirting board fixture and any other relevant carpentry work. We also inspect the subfloor condition and adjust our installation approach accordingly.

Dust and cleaning are always an issue with woodwork; we address this with a thorough approach to cleaning that returns your room to immaculate condition.

If you have a particular style or requirement for your intended floor please asks us for a consultation. If you have wood materials that you wish to utilize we can accommodate your situation.


While wooden floors do last well with minimal maintenance it is possible for old floors to be damaged. If you have squeaking boards, cracks, gaps, warping, or broken boards and structural defects we can restore your flooring with the same grade of wood originally used.

It is of great benefit to have you floor inspected by us for any possible repair issues before sanding or staining. Please ask for a consultation and ask about any problems you have experienced with your flooring in the past.

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